It feels good to play the piano but you will not be able to do that if it is broken which is why you should handle it delicately when it comes to the transportation. This is not a product to lumped together with the rest of the belongings.  It is such an important investment and you need to be committed to keeping it in a good shape.  The piano makes for a great home decor but it comes in handy during the time you feel like playing.   Unlike the general movers, the piano movers specialize in offering just those Plano piano restoration services which is why you need to hire them besides the general movers if you have a piano that has to be transported. It is difficult to move a piano because the shape tends to be irregular.  The piano movers have very special trucks for this purpose.   With enough safe and when they are secured well, you will have nothing to worry about in the movement.   Unlike the rest of the oversized items in the house, the piano happens to have a lot of parts.  The situation is not made better by the narrow legs.  Some of the delicate parts which can be damaged are the strings, hammers, keys, and the lid.   To minimize the chances of damage, every part should be well covered and secured for protection.

Most doorways and passages in the house tend to be small and navigating the piano in such spaces will mean some damage if the process is handled by people who have no idea what they are doing.  You need professionals who have done it before successfully to move the piano.   You need to make sure the piano is as protected as possible during the movements because of how expensive it is purchasing one.  It is not just the piano shape that should have you worried but also the weight.  Pianos are made with rather heavy materials. Thus, it cannot be a one-man job.   It should at least take 2 people to carry the piano up or down the stairs and also in offloading and loading it to the moving truck.  Besides the manpower needed, special tools are also needed for the operation to proceed smoothly and relying on friends will see someone hurt or the equipment damaged.   Even when it is dropped accidentally, it will still break.

After the item is loaded on the moving vehicle, it has to be secured well with straps and also cushioned.  You can find info about Plano piano restoration or even piano movers Plano here.